Geotextile Capabilities

Propex Fabrics Inc. has produced more geosynthetics than any other company in the world.

Our Propex® geotextiles and pavement interlayer products help our customers save millions of dollars every year by lowering the cost and enhancing the performance of their roadway and civil engineering projects.

Our latest software, Roadways And Civil Engineering (R.A.C.E.) provides state-of-the-art design help for unpaved surfaces
and flexible pavements.

The software also helps the user identify pavement distress modes and recommends the appropriate solutions.

Contact our product distributor near you for a copy of the software.

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Geotextile Capabilities
Improve Subgrade/Roadbase Performance
Geotextiles Reinforcement Soils
Improve Subsurface Drainage
Geotextiles and SuperGro® Provide Erosion Control
Enhance Containment Projects
Stabilize Railroads
Silt Fence Geotextiles Provide Sediment Control
Enhance Pavement Performance